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Character Ed at Plato Academy

posted Sep 7, 2012, 6:18 AM by Dawn Parker

In today’s world, to become good and productive citizens, children need more than academic knowledge and skills. The development of a set of core values that they can call on throughout their lives to guide their attitudes and behavior is essential to preparing each child to be a productive member of society.

These goals cannot be accomplished through the efforts of any one teacher, principal, or parent.  All individuals in a school, families, and the community must share this responsibility.  Plato Academy teachers and staff will continue to advocate and assist our children every month in this great endeavor.

September is the month of Responsibility.  For the next month our students and teachers will be exploring ways to demonstrate responsibility. An important part of school is helping students become responsible adults.  It is essential for students to learn the importance of being dependable and thorough in their responsibilities at home and in school. In addition, being a positive example to others is an important part of living responsibly. Students need to understand that responsible behavior is the cornerstone of successful living.

Thank you