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Hurricane Maria Relief

posted Sep 28, 2017, 4:58 AM by Donna Burns
Hello Plato Academy PAC Families,

Thank you all so very much for 
donations for Frank Black Middle School Students in Houston
​, Texas due to ​
Hurricane Harvey
​. ​
​ PAC f
amilies, we have another opportunity to make a difference!

I am proud to announce that Plato Academy 
, in conjunction with our sister schools, will be supporting the Hurricane Maria Relief Campaign by partnering with #caringforpuertorico! The island of Puerto Rico has been completely devastated and it will take months, if not years for the island to get back to operational. 
​Mrs. Perez is s
taying in contact with family members, may of whom are also teachers there, regarding the needs of their schools.  When their school system is ready,
​ we 
would like to coordinate a school supply drive to assist their students, families and their schools with a bit of a jump start. In the meantime, we still have the ability to make a difference by donating any of the supplies listed.

Residents are in desperate need of basic supplies, such as water purifiers, batteries, canned food, water, baby wipes, baby formula, hand sanitizer, books, magazines, etc.

You may begin dropping off your donations to the front office tomorrow morning through Monday, October 2nd.