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posted Nov 3, 2016, 11:43 AM by Donna Burns

Dear Parents of PAC,

Field trips can be very educational, enjoyable and memorable events for our students. The preferred method of transportation has always been by bus as their safety record is unsurpassed. However, the availability and costs associated with obtaining and using a school bus at times can be prohibitive.  Plato Academy has used private passenger vehicles to alleviate the additional cost.  If our school is to continue using private vehicles, we must be sure to review the requirements governing the use of appropriate vehicles as found in the attached Private Vehicle Guidelines. For the safety of our children, please review the attached document, as to not volunteer to drive if you have a car on the list as per DOE.  Educators will be utilizing busses if there are not enough appropriate cars per guidelines for fieldtrips. 


Please remember

·       Children 12 and under must ride in the rear seat if the vehicle has a front passenger air bag. The forces from the inflation of the air bag in an accident CAN KILL small children/adults.

·       Never put a child’s car seat in the front seat of an auto. The back seat is the safest place for children.

·       Older students in the front seat should sit as far back as possible to minimize injury potential from air bag inflation.

·       Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children 5 to 15 years of age.

·       The most important life-saving device in the history of the automobile is the three-point self adjusting seat belt.

·       Air bags are only intended to supplement seat belts.

·       Students should be well-behaved to avoid distracting the driver

·       Chaperones may need to assist the driver in maintaining order.

·       Chaperones are not to make any stops to or from a trip when students are in the car. 

·       Chaperone on a trip,  are to stay with the group of children assigned to  and do not leave until the designated time without approval from the teacher. 

·       Due liability issues and the supervisory responsibilities of all chaperones, younger and older siblings cannot be brought on class field trips.

·        Smoking or use of other tobacco products is not allowed on field trips or on school campus by adults.  


All field trip drivers and chaperones must have completed the required school background screening form and pass required background checks. Any vehicle used to transport students under this policy shall be: 

1) currently registered in the State of Florida, 

2) insured for personal injury protection and property damage liability in at least the minimum amounts required by law, 

3) in good working order and

4) fulfill the wheelbase of 110” or less are not to be used – see specific car brands in attached list.  


All field trip drivers must have and provide a copy of a valid driver’s license and insurance card.  Prohibited vehicles for student transportation include convertibles and SUVs with a wheelbase of 10” or less (which per Federal Law will have a rollover warning label displayed).  Students are required to wear seat belts at all times.  

Thank you for being committed to our school, working with us for the safety of all and adhering to all rules and guidelines of Plato Academy Schools field trip venues.   


Donna Burns,
Nov 3, 2016, 11:43 AM