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Technology Update

posted Aug 11, 2016, 10:22 AM by Donna Burns

Dear Plato Academy Families,

Welcome Back!  Plato Academy Schools continue to be among the greatest schools in the nation when it comes to providing students and teachers with leading educational technology.  This year we will be making several improvements that will help our students learn and grow and make parents’ lives easier.  To learn much more about our exciting IT improvements, please visit the following link:  http://superiorschools.com/index.php?page=update

When you visit the link above, you will learn much more about the following important improvements:

·         Focus—Our new online student information and grading system allows you to check student assignments and grades and keep your contact information up to date.  To access Focus, simply bring a valid driver’s license to the front office and they will help you create an account.

·         My School Bucks:  In order for students to order and pay for lunch, parents will need to use myschoolbucks.com.  You will be able to click the link for this from within Focus once you have registered in Focus or you can go directly to the My School Bucks website.

·         Procare—For families enrolling in Early Learning or Before or After Care and for families choosing Technology Insurance, payments will be made through Procare, the nation’s biggest child care management system.  All payments for any school related expenses will be made through Procare.

·         Improved Student Laptops and Parent Insurance Options—Plato Academy is rolling out new learning laptops to students that will safely provide access to amazing informational content and skills practice opportunities.  To better protect students online and offline, they will not share devices this year.  We recommend you consider insuring your student’s device.  Forms will be sent home in the first few days of school and payments will be made online through Procare.

o   Option 1: No Coverage

§  Cost: $0

§  Total Replacement Cost:  $250.

o   Option 2:  Gold Coverage

§  Cost: $50

·         Deductible: $50 for one incident

·         No Coverage for Second Incident

o   Option 3:  Platinum Coverage

§  Cost $100

·         Deductible: $0 for first incident

·         $50 Deductible for second incident

·         Improved Teacher Pages—During the course of the school year, we will be making improvements to school web pages, including teachers’ web pages with Weebly.  Before any changes happen, we will let you know.

·         ST4T—This International Ed Tech conference hosted by Plato Academy, focuses on integrating exciting technology into the classroom.  Thanks to ST4T and Superior Schools, Plato Academy is on the cutting edge.

·         iHub USA—With leadership from Superior Schools, Plato Academy schools will be a network for international designers, inventors, mentors, and entrepreneurs piloting exciting new Ed Tech hardware and software.

·         Ed Camp—Superior Schools is hosting an outside-the-box “camp” on October 8th for teachers from across the state to meet and explore better ways of teaching and learning through fun collaboration and brainstorming.

·         STEM Summer Camp—Superior Schools created an awesome opportunity for Plato Academy students at our STEM Summer Camp that introduces students to coding, creative experiments, and field trips that connect what they are learning to the real world.